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Snowboard Mittens

Snowboard Mittens are a key element for any guy or girl who is serious about staying warm on the hill. Because all your fingers are together in one space it's easier for them to stay warm in a mitt as opposed to gloves where they are in an individual area. You may lose some dexterity and finger movement with this, but there are alternatives such as the lobster or trigger style of mitts where the pointer finger is free and the rest are together to stay warm. With the lobster glove you have a free finger to get your bindings on or off and to point out pillow lines to your friends. Becoming more and more popular you can get a pair of snowboard mittens from some of your favorite brands such as POW, Celtek, Burton, Grenade, Neff, Roxy, Dakine, DC, Volcom, and Analog. With short and long styles you can find a pair that fits snugly under your jacket or over your sleeve for ultimate climate control. Shop Zumiez for a wide variety of snowboard and ski mitts that are what you need to keep your hands nice and toasty season long.