Skateboard Helmets

Skateboard helmets are designed to keep you safe while you're pushing your skating skills up a notch and still maintain a high level of style and comfort.

Carrying skateboard helmet brands like Triple 8, Sector 9, S-One, and ProTec, Zumiez has variety for you to choose from, and what better choice to make than to grab a skate helmet and strap it on.

If you are a pro or simply a beginner, a helmet is always a good idea, and each skateboarding helmet features similar technology to help keep your head in one piece and ready for your next session. Things like lightweight multi-impact ABS shells to protect against harmful impacts, dual density EVA foam liners, and moisture wicking inner layers to absorb shocks and keep you comfortable, these helmets are designed to help you ride longer while you are working hard to improve your skate ability or just having fun.

Shop Zumiez and check out Triple 8's Brainsaver, ProTec's Classic, Sector 9's Swift, or S-One's Lifer skateboard helmet and get after it in the park or the streets and ride confident.