Welcome to the Zumiez Foundation

The Zumiez Foundation's mission if to accomplish two things:

To purchase clothing and related items (jackets, sweatshirts, gloves, beanies, blankets) in order to make grants to people and organizations in need in the communities served by Zumiez retail store locations. Typical recipients include transitional programs, youth centers, homeless shelters and religious organizations that provide community assistance.

  • What:The Zumiez Foundation gives warm clothes to people who need them, especially during tough times.
  • Why:We want to help people in need and we have the ability to leverage our industry relationships to get the items people need.
  • How: We find organizations in local Zumiez communities and partner with them to give away the clothing we purchase.

To teach Zumiez employees about the value of giving back, and then encourage and inspire them to channel their energy, passion, and leadership into becoming active community leaders who will be a force for change in whatever cause they truly connect with.

  • What:Teach Zumiez employees how to be the best leaders in giving back to their communities.
  • Why:It's important to Zumiez to create leaders who can help make this world a better place.
  • How:Empower our employees with the tools to help them identify what is important to them, decided what they can do to help, and get involved wherever they are in any way they can!

Zumiez had a long history, as we grew, of donating clothes to people in need in our community. I formalized the Foundation as we grew and went public. The Foundation now has a board of directors made up of Zumiez employees. We get a lot of leverage here. We know how to make inexpensive clothes overseas. It reflects how we grew the chain, always give back, always work to become a better person, teach new employees what you know, how to sell and go on and grow the chain. We don't do it to be thanked or recognized. We do it because, many times in winter, people are cold!

Zumiez Foundation