Zumiez Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards (Canada)

E-mailed within hours* for an instant gift, E-Gift Cards can be redeemed in-store or online.

Send an E-Gift Card

*E-Gift Cards are generally received via email within hours, allow up to 24 hours for payment verification.

To check your gift card balance call us at 1-800-871-4531

  • FAQS

    How fast will my e-Gift Card be received?

    E-Gift Cards are sent via email upon completion of payment verification. In many cases, this will be within a few hours, and may take up to 24 hours.

    When will I be charged for an e-Gift Card?

    Payment is processed as soon as the order information is verified. Even if you have requested delayed arrival of your e-gift card, your payment will still be processed right away and the gift email will be sent to the recipient on the morning of the date requested.

    Where can I use my Gift Card?

    Both physical & e-gift cards can be redeemed online at Zumiez.ca or in any Zumiez Canada store. Cards purchased in Canada may only be used in Zumiez Canada stores or Zumiez.ca and cards purchased in a U.S. store or Zumiez.com may only be used in the U.S. stores or Zumiez.com

    Can I Redeem My Gift Card For Cash?

    Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law. Balances of $10 or less can be cashed out at any Zumiez retail store.

    Can I Combine My Gift Cards?

    You can combine multiple gift cards together at any store location or by calling 1-844-357-2424. Have your gift card numbers and security codes available.

    What if I lose my Gift Card?

    Please treat your gift card like cash. Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced unless the card number is provided by card owner to validate that card contains funds. Gift cards purchased from any source other than Zumiez.com or Zumiez retail locations are not valid and will not be replaced or reloaded.