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Neff Watches

Neff: One of the top well known brands in the core snow and skate headwear companies in the world. The well known Suckerface has taken over and has become one of the most well known "mascots" in the industry. Neff is all about having fun and bringing new vibes to the world. "We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume," stated Shaun Neff when asked to describe Neff. Neff makes no exceptions when it comes to their Neff watches. Neff has jumped into the watch industry with both feet and have become very successful with the multiple Neff watches they have produced. Neff watches come in a wide variety, ranging from the Neff Flava digital watch, Neff Daily and Basic analog watch, Neff Tactical analog watch, Neff Esteban analog, Neff Stripe analog watch, Neff Odyssey as well as many others that have caught the eyes of many Neff watch enthusiasts. Get on the wagon and show off your personality and fun side with these Neff watches that insist you not only know the time but you flaunt the many colors and design that only a company with the "gumball machine" mentality could produce. Neff watches, taking over the world one watch at a time.