What makes Celtek What is it? It's starts with respecting the past and figuring out ways to build it into their future heritage. Collaborating with artists and their elite pro snowboard team riders so that they continually produce unique and exciting gloves, mittens, trigger gloves, face masks, beanies, and other snowboard specific products in a segment of the market that they are known for- Expression. To make rugged and waterproof snowboard gear that lasts made from materials that that will allow function to follow form ñ Work. Building an entire home made park from pipes, tractors, and metal so that they can have a place to gather and produce new ideas- The Celtek Jib Farm. Working on what they have built so far brothers, riders, and owners Erik and Bjorn Leines continue build on the relationships and momentum of Celtek so we can all have a truly rider owned company keeping our hands warm.