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Alife Clothing

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Founded in downtown New York City in 1999, ALIFE is a multifaceted lifestyle brand known for its originality and creativity. As a brand deep rooted in the streets of New York, Alife Clothing seeks to showcase and elevate the culture from which it stems. Embracing diversity, Alife represents not just a single culture, but rather all walks of life including diverse backgrounds and interests.

With a large focus on art, Alife brings to the table the goal to not reinvent the wheel, but rather reinterpret it. It is this idea that Alife uses to differentiate themselves from the rest. Alife apparel is inspired by American styles utilizing classic silhouettes like the crew neck tee and using bold graphics that reflect contemporary cultural ideas resulting in superior quality products that are easily distinguished from the rest. Alife has also collaborated with top-tier brands and artists to continuously raise the bar of fashion and lifestyle norms.

Starting on the streets of New York City, Alife's reach has grown from down the block extending its reach to across the globe. Establishing itself as a curator and representation of downtown lifestyle, Alife has developed itself into a widely recognized brand that speaks to an international audience.