Teddy Fresh Time Analog Watch
Teddy Fresh Time Analog Watch
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CAD $84.95
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Analog Watches

Analog watches have somewhat of a more "classic" appearance than digital watches. Even when they're in the most modern designs and colors, analog watches have a timeless (I guess that's an inaccurate pun there) feel, always somewhat reminiscent of original timetelling.

Analog watches came in all shapes and sizes, and Zumiez naturally has the best ones from the coolest brands. Check out Neff analog watches, which are totally quirky and fun, with bright colors and the suckerface smack dab in the middle. Or check out the masterpieces of distinguishment available in the form of Nixon analog watches. G-Shock has an awesome assortment of big-face, nautical style analog watches that are both stylish and highly weather resistant (by this, we do mean you on your skateboard in the rain or snowboard on the mountain).

Grab an analog watch at Zumiez today and get that timeless-meets-modern feel to complete your look.