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    One thing and one thing only could be sworn on in this world. It could be sworn on the most holy of skate spots, on the most precious and shreddable of mountains. That one that the Suckerface is taking over the world. Soon, very soon, that little Neff dude is going to be more recognizable than any big box chain, more easily seen than the most notorious of celebrities. Children in remote areas of the world with no access to running water will totally be clamoring to get their hands on that notorious Neff Daily Beanie because the dude next door has one. We think this is the best thing EVER. It would be a problem... except for the fact that Neff makes the absolutely most ridiculous, out of this world, color expoloding, pattern poppin', eye catching, insanely sweet gear out there. This is not an exaggeration. What started as store-bought -- then later homemade -- knit beanies and headbands that had "Neff" drawn on with sharpies, has transformed into this technicolor beast of a brand that offers beanies, watches, hats, tees, hoodies, snowboarding gloves, backpacks, jackets and more. They have always been bold and unafraid to try out new stuff. They create the most fresh-out-the-kitchen styles that make your head spin by using clean lines, bright colors, and graphic patterns inspired by things like 90's sweaters, Hawaiian shirts, and sports team clothing. They have stayed true to their actions sports roots, but still come up with clothing and accessories that are universally loved by everyone, from snowboarders to Snoop Dogg and Riff Raff.